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Archive - Apr 2010

April 9th

The kidnapped in Pakistan Greek teacher returns to Athens in the weekend

09 April 2010 / 15:04:36  
Tanasis Lerounis spent 8 months as a prisoner of the Talibans and was released on Wednesday after long term negotiations

Investors: Greece should ask for support form the IMF as soon as possible

09 April 2010 / 14:04:26  
Experts from UBS, Goldman Sachs, Nomura, as well as the credit rating agencies are explicit - the interference of the Fund is a matter of days, if not hours

First European champion title for the female basketball team of Greece

09 April 2010 / 13:04:02  
The basketball players of Athinaikos managed to keep the difference accumulated in their previous game against the team of Nadezhda and won the Eurocup - the first European title in the history of the female basketball in Greece

Street stories: “I would like to open up a cabaret”

09 April 2010 / 11:04:40  
About the place "Briki" and the dreams of one of its owners...

816 million euro for employment promotion in 2010

09 April 2010 / 08:04:43  
The new programs give the opportunity for the small and medium companies to decrease their operational costs in the period of an economic crisis and at the same time an additional stimulus is created for the increase of the employment in the country. According to information of the Employment Bureau the programs are oriented towards opening of new job positions and there is a possibility that the programs will cover the employment insurances of 119 thousand unemployed people.

April 8th

A collapse for the Greek government bonds on the international markets

08 April 2010 / 13:04:28  
A collapse of the Athens Stock Exchange by 5 percent for a day, Athens is furious because of a publication for leak of investments for millions of euro from the local banks

Illegal buildings in Greece will be “settled” for 40 years with a fine, however they will not be legalized

08 April 2010 / 12:04:50  
The Minister of environment, energy and climate changes Tina Bribili underlined that regardless of the new type of settlement and payment of the respective penal fee the illegal buildings will not be legalized.