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Archive - Apr 2010

April 2nd

Olympioakos in the quarterfinals of the Euro league

02 April 2010 / 13:04:23  
The victory against the Polish team Asseco Prokom - Gdynia qualified the basketball team of Olympiakos for the Final Four of the Euro league

GRR HOT 15 wishes you a Happy Easter!

02 April 2010 / 12:04:22  
Two great names are back in the chart I hope you will be able to handle it!

Street stories: “My childhood dream was to come back in Greece”

02 April 2010 / 12:04:14  
One man's story picked up from the street. One destiny out of the nearly six million destinies in Athens.

Private pharmacies stop providing free medications

02 April 2010 / 10:04:02  
The debts of the health insurance bureaus to the Greek pharmacies are over 100 million euro. From the Greek pharmaceutical association they announced they will stop the supply of free medications to four of the major bureaus-debtors.

April 1st

The lamb is sold like hot cakes in the days before Easter

01 April 2010 / 14:04:24  
Greeks are not counting their money when it comes to lamb during the holidays. In a research of GRReporter we discovered that contrary to the pessimistic expectations of the economic specialists this spring there is no drastic increase of the retail prices of the lamb and the meat products and there is no decrease in the demand.

High prices made the Greeks change the motor bikes with scooters

01 April 2010 / 09:04:45  
Цurrently only 30% of the sales are motor bikes and they are mainly with engines of 600 cubic meters, while the remaining 70% of the sales are small motocycles (125 – 150 cubic meters) and scooters (up to 500 cubic meters). Before the intensifying of the economic crisis in Greece this ration was 50/50, having in mind that the high speed motors had a greater share of the sales.