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Archive - Apr 2010

April 16th

Last minute changes in taxation law

16 April 2010 / 09:04:24  
The 20% tax on capital gains from the sale of shares within three months after the purchase is just one of the recent changes in the new bill on taxation which will be voted at the end of this week

April 15th

Weapons in Nea Filadelfia and hideaway in Kipseli

15 April 2010 / 17:04:28  
Last night the police found an apartment-hideaway in the Athens neighborhood Kipseli and weapons in a car in Nea FiladelFia district. There is no official police confirmation, but there is no rebuttal of the news as well that the weapon that might have been found is already in the laboratories for ballistic expertise.

Increasing number of Greeks are buying apartments in London

15 April 2010 / 14:04:47  
The crisis causes a wave of investments in the real estate sector in the British capital.

Victory of Olympiacos against Peristeri

15 April 2010 / 13:04:03  
With a result of 120-80 the red-whites proved they are ready for the Final Four in Paris.

Financial assistance for Greece is inevitable, according to economic analysts

15 April 2010 / 12:04:43  
Financial experts of Commerzbank commented that now the country may not need bilateral support by Member States of the Eurozone and the International Monetary Fund, but this does not solve the problem of lending in the long-term. Most of them claim that in the following two weeks financial assistance for Greece is inevitable.

April 14th

Bulgaria and Greece in the European Wrestling Championship in Baku

14 April 2010 / 17:04:59  
11th place went to Greek wrestler Grigoris Kriaridis. Silver medal took Radoslav Velikov.

877 people hostages to administrative inconsistencies

14 April 2010 / 16:04:48  
Chain of protesters closed the streets around the Ministry of Finance in the center of Athens.877 people approved by the Personnel Selection recruitment program (ASEP) of the Supreme Council came out to protest against stopping it in the past six months. The program covers the need to fill jobs in the public sector.