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Archive - Aug 4, 2010

10,000 acres burned for beekeepers

04 August 2010 / 12:08:38  
Culprits of the fire on the island of Samos turned out to be a family of beekeepers and their friend. The joint investigation of the local authorities and the island's fire brigade found out that the cause of the fire that burst out on Monday evening was a spark from the beekeepers’ device for smoking hives.

Greeks prefer having skewers rather than going to the gym

04 August 2010 / 10:08:31  
Summer is in full swing and the beaches are full of naked bodies. Each one has different appearance. Swimsuits mercilessly reveal the secrets of bellies, thighs, hips and shoulders skillfully hidden in winter. Now is the season to see how many hours people spent in the fitness club for the rest of the year. And what it really means to feel good in your own skin ...

Mykonos turned out to be tax crimes heaven

04 August 2010 / 09:08:29  
Тhe Ministry of Finance has found out that an entrepreneur from the island owes almost four million euros of unpaid taxes for the fiscal 2007 and 2008. The news of the huge liability of a single taxpayer comes at a time when Greece is fighting for its financial survival.