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Archive - Aug 21, 2010

The Greek beauty who won the crown of Miss Teen World 2010 dreams of becoming not a model, but a dentist

21 August 2010 / 16:08:36  
Though she considers the world of fashion to be charming Miss Teen World 2010 intends to follow her dream and become a dentist. Her choice is not random, this is the occupation of her parents. Тhe young beauty has already chosen also the university in which she will make her dream come true.

Updated memorandum including new taxes and reforms

21 August 2010 / 16:08:19  
The "new memorandum" includes measures to change the operation system of the hospitals, railway and generally of the public sector. They will change the working conditions, as well as the subject of the work of hundreds of thousands of employees both in the public and private sectors.

Stop!... to the bribery for driver’s licenses

21 August 2010 / 16:08:40  
The fee for obtaining a driver's license is 300 euros according to a study of the Transparency International Association, and at the same time the percentage of success on the computerized theoretical tests is about 50%, while at the driving exams it rises to 75% in the region of Athens and in some cities in the province it reaches 95%.

Ground Zero with a mosque, however without the orthodox “St. Nocholas”

21 August 2010 / 12:08:52  
For nine years now port authorities in New York and church board of St. Nicholas can not reach to an agreement about the restoration of the church, orthodox Christians disappointed from the sudden amenability of the authorities regarding the construction of the mosque.

The Hristoforos Papakaliatis is preparing a surprise for the new season

21 August 2010 / 10:08:51  
A surprise - hit for the season is preparing the actor Hristoforos Papakaliatis. This time the temperamental Greek intends to place his fans and especially lady fans in deep waters by turning into... Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

Diplomatic interventions save an NBA player bully in the "Acropolis" tournament in Athens

21 August 2010 / 09:08:57  
The echoes of fists in OAKA came quickly to the Serbian diplomatic circles. In Belgrade was decided not to wait for the problem to grow further and asked the Minister of Youth and Sports Snezana Samardzic-Markovic to deal with the case during her visit in Athens.

A royal wedding on the island of Spetses mobilizes the police

21 August 2010 / 08:08:42  
The Greek summer ends with the aristocratic wedding of Nicholas Gliksburg, son of the last Greek King Constantine, who is getting married on the island of Spetses to sweetheart fiancee Tatiana Blatnik.