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Archive - Aug 23, 2010

Structural changes is preparing George Papandreou for his office

23 August 2010 / 15:08:38  
The Prime Minister will establish a center for coordination of government and will most likely form a government committee made up of 5-6 key ministries, which will be the most flexible body which will take immediate decisions. It is said that prior to adjustments for the establishment of the commission personnel changes in government will be made in early September.

The robber surrendered - the hostages are free

23 August 2010 / 13:08:12  
Police managed to persuade a bank robber in Piraeus, who was holding 17 people of hostages for several hours, to free them and surrender. The burglar was holding two grenades and threatened the people with them. The traffic on the streets around the bank was stopped, and the area of 100 meters in diameter was closed off.

Fiery inferno in Karystos

23 August 2010 / 12:08:00  
Many tourists escaped from the hotels, because they were scared by the fire in Karystos area on Euboea.

The deadline for foreigners to enlist to vote in the local elections is until the end of August

23 August 2010 / 10:08:18  
The deadline for foreigners to enlist to vote in municipal elections was elongated to 30 August. Municipal elections will be held in early November 2010 and the law gives foreigners the right to vote for the first time.

Panathinaikos defeated Genoa in Athens

23 August 2010 / 08:08:30  
The meeting with Genua was the last friendly match of the greens. The 2:0 victory of Panathinaikos over the Italians proved that they are fully ready to start the new season. The injury of Cisse, however, surprised the team unpleasantly.