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Archive - Nov 2011

Fear of a terrorist attack in Athens

30 November 2011 / 23:11:03  
Information about a possible terrorist attack have put the government and police on red alert. According to the data, it regards a major attack in the heart of the political system.

Horizon 2020 invests in innovation for a stronger Europe

30 November 2011 / 22:11:13  
Countries with the least investment in new technologies and innovations development cope with the current European crisis with difficulty, is the conclusion of Theodoros Papazoglou, who is the head of the executive body of the European Research Council (ERC).

November 30th

I warned Rosen to be careful and not so trusting

30 November 2011 / 21:11:41  
Rosen Hristov was trying to establish subsidiaries of the organization Bulgarian Community all over Greece. According to a publication, Bulgarians in Athens have already launched a subscription list for the closure of the organization, because they believe it does not perform its functions.

80% drop in revenue from prostitution, pimps complain to Greek police

30 November 2011 / 14:11:20  
Cuts in wages, rising unemployment and the general indebtedness of the average Greek, however, have weakened the interest of ordinary clients in paid love. Agencies’ turnover has fallen substantially, and people had to follow the folk wisdom that when in need, a man sleeps even with his wife.

November 29th

Anarchists and foreigners live illegally in student dormitories

29 November 2011 / 20:11:36  
Students accuse the administration of the dormitories saying that they do not have the courage and the will to expel the aliens, although they know who they are.

Give Papademos time, call financial experts

29 November 2011 / 19:11:30  
The already established political system is not able to cope with the necessary reforms in Greece. Therefore, it would be better for the coalition government of Lucas Papademos to remain in power until the policies agreed with the European Union during the Summit of 26 October 2011 are introduced. This is the opinion of Miranda Xafa, Ph.D, Senior Strategist at IJPartners.

The exchange of Greek government bonds ruins local banks’ chances to profit

29 November 2011 / 14:11:34  
After less than a week, the final merger of two of the largest Greek banks, which will form the new financial giant of the Greek banking market Alpha-Eurobank, will be a fact.