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Archive - Jun 2011

The new park in Faliro will make Athens face the sea

30 June 2011 / 23:06:19  
Athens is a city that has turned its back to the sea and it could change, were the words of the Minister of Environment George Papakonstantinou. The Italian architect Renzo Piano, known for his avant-garde ideas and design of high-tech buildings in harmony with the environment, presented in Athens a master plan to create a coastal park, which will merge the neighbourhoods Kallithea and Moshato with the sea. His dream is this park to become an integral part of the city and Athens to open to the sea, which is the most peculiar feature of "its face."

June 30th

Suicides in Greece increased by 40% due to the crisis

30 June 2011 / 20:06:16  
Suicides in the country have increased dramatically by approximately 40% after the outbreak of the economic crisis. This show the latest data and epidemiological studies, said Health Minister Andreas Loverdos.

Concerns about co-operation between the police and parastatal elements

30 June 2011 / 18:06:39  
A video, showing how policemen are talking with face-covered participants in the clashes provoked anger in society and unconvincing explanations from the police. They must respond to the testimony of citizens for spraying asphyxiating gases in the subway, where there were wounded and demonstrators with respiratory problems.

Syntagma Square the next day

30 June 2011 / 14:06:19  
A destroyed cafe, broken benches, broken marble slabs, a burned pavilion, broken windows and street lights, municipal trucks, washers and cleaning workers with gas masks. This is Syntagma hours after the unprecedented clashes between groups of young people with covered faces and the police.

June 29th

The resorts are too expensive for ordinary people, and luxury tourism in Greece is very cheap

29 June 2011 / 20:06:31  
Sun and beaches are no longer sufficient to attract tourists who want to get a full range of "experiences" when looking where to spend their holiday, became clear during the congress "Investment for tourism: Focus on Greece" in Athens. It turns out that the resorts, hotels, and transport are too expensive for the average tourists, while the luxury places do not meet the requirements of the VIPs.

Violence and tear gas on Syntagma

29 June 2011 / 17:06:19  
More than 500 people were given medical care for suffocation, another 30 were taken to hospital. The clashes on the square continue, but they involve only the young people who cause unrest. Peaceful protesters are in the surrounding streets, waiting for the chance to return on Syntagma.

The austerity plan was adopted with 155 votes

29 June 2011 / 16:06:11  
New set of austerity measures for the local economy in the next four years, which are based mainly on revenues from high and widely unpopular taxes. Greece was not certain to the last minute whether the bill will pass.