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Archive - 2011

December 17th

The backgammon master – the tournament and the winners

16 December 2011 / 23:12:08  
The backgammon master – the tournament and the winners

Within two years, the Greeks will have sold gold collected in the last 40 years

16 December 2011 / 22:12:32  
The jump in gold prices is significant in recent years and the lack of available funds on the market has increased the demand for the precious metal. The head of the Hellenic Center of Gold Silversmiths Trade Vassilis Likos presents the dangers for the citizens in the trade with gold.

December 16th

Syrians in Athens protest against the regime of Assad

16 December 2011 / 21:12:44  
Europe to declare openly against the regime in Syria and to recognize the National Council, and for Greece to give them the status of political refugees, is what the Syrians who live in the country want.

Thirteen Greeks among the one hundred most influential personalities in the world fleet, according to Lloyd's List

16 December 2011 / 19:12:14  
Twelve shipping tycoons and a professor on the prestigious list of the British specialized magazine.

Greek Members of the European Parliament displeased at member states for ignoring the European Parliament

16 December 2011 / 17:12:44  
"No one can be saved if he himself does not want to be saved," they warn the Greek government and also that Greece is isolated not only in the European Parliament but also among European nations.

New Year - new cabinet in Greece

16 December 2011 / 16:12:58  
Disagreements between ministers and internal party bickering in PASOK hinder the work of the cabinet. Lucas Papademos insists on extension of his mandate and New Democracy threatens indirectly to even withdraw its participation in the coalition government.

December 15th

Cyprus European Union presidency will be fair, with no secret agenda

15 December 2011 / 21:12:47  
Cypriot government spokesman Stefanos Stefanou stated that natural gas deposits belong to the entire Cypriot people - Greeks and Turks. "Solving the Cyprus dispute will enable us all together to take advantage of them," he told reporters.