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Archive - Jun 2012

June 28th

The world is made of glass - no room for bad products

28 June 2012 / 18:06:51  
The next revolution will be that of smart phones, said Markus Pfeiffer, who participated in "A brand new universe" - a forum dedicated to new technologies and new types of marketing.

Dispute in the left about parliamentary benches

28 June 2012 / 16:06:46  
The Greek parliament was sworn in in the absence of the Prime Minister. SYRIZA's deputies did not leave the hall, as they had done in the past, and accepted the archbishop's blessing.

Alexandros Tourkolias is the new Chief Executive Officer of the National Bank of Greece

28 June 2012 / 13:06:17  
Reshuffles in the institution began after the resignation of its governor Vassilis Rapanos, who had refused the post of finance minister, followed by the resignation of former CEO Apostolos Tamvakakis and chief economist Haralambos Mazarakis

June 27th

Drama with the extension of military service in Greece

27 June 2012 / 20:06:19  
The idea has a serious lobby in the ranks of the army and a significant opposition in the civilian world. SYRIZA calls for the disintegration of NATO and the establishment of social engagement in the army.

Lynch in broad daylight in downtown Athens

27 June 2012 / 18:06:50  
Drug addicts stripped naked and chased an immigrant from North Africa. Robbers with Kalashnikov guns who were captured after a series of robberies and shootings at the police have close connections with extreme right groups.

Tourism employees are on strike in the peak season

27 June 2012 / 17:06:30  
The protest involved mostly trade unionists. Hotels, restaurants and cafes were working normally.

Troubled Greek banks generously gave hundreds of millions to parties

27 June 2012 / 14:06:33  
In 10 years, Greek banks poured millions of euro into the Greek political system, mainly into the funds of PASOK and New Democracy to finance their various activities and campaigns. In 2011 alone, during the deepest economic crisis in Greece, parties received 54 million euro or six million more than in 2010.