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Archive - Jun 2012

June 21st

Тhe season of fires has begun, a fire-fighter lost his life

21 June 2012 / 15:06:49  
Three more fire-fighters received minor burns. All fire fronts are under control for the time being but the danger of new fires remains high.

Golden Dawn member accused of raping a minor Albanian girl

21 June 2012 / 13:06:29  
The man does not deny having had contact with the girl. Despite his apparent hostility towards the immigrants in his country, he is adamant that the case does not regard a rape.

Georgia and Antonis Samaras - love in blue

20 June 2012 / 22:06:46  
Antonis Samaras met Georgia for the first time during a meeting of New Democracy in the region of Nea Erihtrea - a wealthy suburb of Athens on the northern outskirts of the capital. The year was 1989. He was 34 years old - a promising young politician with ambitions. She was 24 years old, a student in engineering and the daughter of the famous industrialist at that time Akis Kritikos.

Antonis Samaras sworn in

20 June 2012 / 21:06:54  
He is the 13th Prime Minister of Greece since the restoration of democratic order after the fall of the junta in 1974. Reshuffles in the list of future ministers continue.

June 20th

Tourism vs GREXIT

20 June 2012 / 19:06:29  
Reports of permanent unrest, clashes between discontented citizens and police, burned banks and closed companies are leaving a bitter taste in outside observers. Here is how Nicholas Kelaiditis from the Hellenic Association of Travel and Tourist Agencies commented on the developments exclusively for GRReporter.

live Greece will have a prime minister by the end of the day

20 June 2012 / 14:06:11  
Antonis Samaras will take oath today and the ministers - tomorrow.

Antonis Samaras will be the new Greek prime minister

20 June 2012 / 12:06:15  
Technocrats and people with broad public support will be involved in the government of consensus.