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Archive - Dec 10, 2013

Chaos with the domain of the Greek EU Presidency

10 December 2013 / 22:12:00  
The Greek government has initiated legal proceedings against a citizen in connection with domain, which it had not obtained in time due to negligence. Its owner Kostis Lympouridis argues, however, that the reason for the legal recourse is his criticism towards the actions of the cabinet.

It will be clear in early January whether Maria will return to the Roma in Farsala

10 December 2013 / 17:12:07  
If the court rejects their request, the child will be given up for adoption in Greece. "The decision on what will happen to Maria depends on the prosecutor in Larissa," their defender stated before GRReporter.

Golden Dawn unmasked

10 December 2013 / 15:12:46  
The investigators of the case of Golden Dawn have received a DVD with multiple data, including shocking videos as well as a speech by leader Nikolaos Michaloliakos in which he recognizes his Nazi ideology.