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Archive - Feb 2013

February 22nd

PASOK wants to unite the parties against Golden Dawn

21 February 2013 / 22:02:42  
The socialists organized a conference at which they presented their proposals to stop the rise of the xenophobic party.

February 21st

The crisis has hit fast food chains

21 February 2013 / 18:02:36  
According to the 2012 Hellstat data announced this week, restaurants selling and delivering pizza suffered the most. The decline in their turnover reached 30% compared to the period before the crisis.

New York police seized a Greek who had stolen a painting by Salvador Dali

21 February 2013 / 16:02:10  
Fivos Istavrioglou stole the painting literally from under the noses of the gallery guards in July last year. The police lured him to return to New York, offering him a job as a consultant in the art gallery.

Difficulties still await the Greek government as stated by Eurobank

21 February 2013 / 15:02:36  
The bank expects a critical first quarter of this year because of the introduction of a series of new taxes that are extremely unpopular among the public.

The fall of Borisov is the top international news in the Greek media

20 February 2013 / 22:02:34  
They write that the reason is the protests against high electricity prices during which many citizens demanded the resignation of the government.

February 20th

The police have found a new hiding place of terrorists in Athens

20 February 2013 / 21:02:28  
Directions for the assembly of explosive devices that are activated by a mobile phone, 10 fake ID cards, SIM cards, a hard drive, five USB devices, live ammunition and chemicals for the cleaning of weapons are just some of the objects seized from the latest hiding place.

live 40 thousand protesters in the first general strike of 2013

20 February 2013 / 16:02:48  
The massive strike procession passed peacefully through the centre of Athens. There were clashes at the end of the strike but the police quickly put the situation under control.