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Archive - Apr 15, 2013

Two arrested for the attack on the gold mines in Halkidiki

15 April 2013 / 20:04:27  
Involvement in a criminal organization, attempted murder, possession of explosives, arson and causing damage are just some of the charges against the two men arrested for the attack on the site of “Hellenic Gold”.

Alleged victims of robberies and arsons blackmail insurance companies for compensations

15 April 2013 / 18:04:31  
False alerts for thefts and arsons have increased by 30%. The victims lie about the stolen items to obtain higher compensations.

Greek parliament legalizes bribery

15 April 2013 / 17:04:05  
"A material present in gratitude is not a bribe" as stipulated by the law on public administration, which was adopted on 6 March this year. The change in the law has scandalized the public opinion and provoked strong reactions from the chief inspector of the public administration Leandros Rakintzis.

Modern lifestyle and self-treatment are the main causes of allergies

15 April 2013 / 15:04:57  
The rate of allergies in the highly developed Western countries is very high – it reaches 25 to 30 percent. Respectively, this rate is very low in countries with a low standard of living.

live Euro zone’s architecture will change without the OSI

15 April 2013 / 13:04:58  
Greece'e recovery goes through the remission of part of its debt to the lending countries, Europe has the tools to do so, the Economist Intelligence Unit anticipates 5% recession in 2013 and 2% in 2014.