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Archive - Apr 5, 2013

Formula for Plato’s Academy is wanted

05 April 2013 / 23:04:01  
The residents want to prevent the construction of a shopping centre near the archaeological site.

Undercut & Disconnected summer hairstyles

05 April 2013 / 22:04:15  
Just a day after the presentation of the new trends of Gino coiffures in Athens, GRReporter had the opportunity to meet with the company's creative director Vassilis Dragos to draw refreshing ideas for the new season.

SYRIZA is not the political opposite of Golden Dawn

05 April 2013 / 20:04:06  
The elections in May 2012 show the real division in Greek society, which portends future shifts in the political system as stated by political scientist Vassiliki Georgiadou in an interview for GRReporter.

Panic is the worst adviser during an earthquake

05 April 2013 / 15:04:48  
Under no circumstances should you rush out of the building if you are unable to leave it in less than 10 seconds as recommended by fire-fighting forces in the event of a devastating earthquake.