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Archive - May 1, 2013

A 116.5 million euro black hole in PASOK’s cash

01 May 2013 / 20:05:00  
Political analysts do not see a future for George Papandreou in Greece - only abroad.

A famous astrologist predicted her own death and died by the hands of her lover

01 May 2013 / 18:05:34  
The two of them had had a long relationship and he is known as the grandson of an old Greek MP. Ironically, in her last prediction about the influence of the stars, Livaniou said that in the period 22 April to 30 April people should be careful and avoid accidents and collisions with their partner.

May Day celebrations were brought to the beach

01 May 2013 / 17:05:50  
GRReporter joined the meetings on the occasion in order to reflect the moods of society. The main question we asked celebrating people was: “Are you on strike or are you celebrating the day of the workers today?” The answers we got were vague but the recurring motif was that Greeks no longer honour May Day as they should.

Easter in times of crisis

01 May 2013 / 16:05:36  
If you are worried that holidays are an opportunity for a short vacation only for financially stable people, you can find several ways in which to have a good time without exceeding your budget.

The home of Greek language and culture in Sofia

01 May 2013 / 09:05:55  
The motto of Aristea - Centre for Greek Language and Culture is: "Know your neighbours in order to love them ... and in order to love yourself".