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Archive - 2013

December 6th

Charity in times of crisis

06 December 2013 / 19:12:02  
In Greece, where the range of social services rendered by the state decreases every day, the need for help and support from people to people, in many cases, is the only alternative to improve their daily lives.

Only the issue of the restructuring of the defence companies has to be resolved before the payment of the 1 billion euro tranche

06 December 2013 / 18:12:03  
The representatives of the supervisory Troika will probably return to Athens next week.

Healthcare in Bulgaria and Greece

06 December 2013 / 16:12:16  
Healthcare in Bulgaria and Greece

Three victims of fires in Piraeus, Aspropyrgos and Komotini

06 December 2013 / 11:12:22  
А hotel in Piraeus, a private house in Aspropyrgos and а warehouse of the recruitment agency in Komotini were on fire.

The centre of Athens blocked because of the anniversary of Alexis Grigoropoulos’ murder

06 December 2013 / 11:12:30  
A meeting organised by the students outside Athens University will take place at 11:00 am and will later turn into a procession to parliament. The meeting time for the evening rally and procession to Syntagma Square is 6:00 pm.

December 5th

Social tension is growing, the talks with the Troika are up in the air

05 December 2013 / 19:12:55  
It is expected that the social unrest will escalate on Saturday when the Greek parliament will vote on the state budget for next year.

Investigators believe that Golden Dawn and its leader respect Hitler and the junta

05 December 2013 / 16:12:47  
Another 12 members of Golden Dawn will be prosecuted.