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Archive - Mar 20, 2015

Sharp reactions lead to changes in the 26-percent tax

20 March 2015 / 20:03:25  
The obligation to prepay 26% of the invoice value will not apply to proven real transactions. Tax return will take place within three months in cases that require it.

Pressed to the wall, Greece again promises to tackle reforms

20 March 2015 / 19:03:56  
Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras and the European partners agreed at the meeting that involved seven leaders that the Greek government would submit a detailed list of reforms which it would implement to open the way for a bailout to prevent the bankruptcy of Greece. still has no corrective statement from Boyko Borisov

20 March 2015 / 16:03:22  
Both chief editor Pantelis Arsenis and author of the publication Alexandra Gitsi said in a conversation with GRReporter that their source was reliable and they would firmly stand behind the information.

Of easy and hard things in life

20 March 2015 / 12:03:00  
The areas that bring the biggest obstacles in life and those in which everything is easy depend on the relationship between the relevant planets and the planet that rules the Ascendant.

Boyko Borisov warns of taxation of Bulgarians visiting Greece

20 March 2015 / 11:03:51  
The measure is provoked by the intention of the Greek cabinet to introduce a preventive tax on companies trading with countries with preferential tax regimes in comparison with Greece.