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Archive - Mar 8, 2015

The Lion of Amphipolis never sat on the Kasta Tomb

08 March 2015 / 21:03:43  
Archaeologists, seismologists and palaeontologists are divided in their assessments of the archaeological monument

The drachma inferno

08 March 2015 / 19:03:47  
In an article for the online edition, Georgios Kofinakos describes the consequences of a possible exit of Greece from the euro: suspension of payments, hyperinflation, interest rates climbing to three-digit levels, unemployment jumping to 40%, and 60% of the population dipping below the poverty line

Greece is moving towards a referendum for or against the euro

08 March 2015 / 16:03:26  
A referendum is favoured by Finance Minister Yannis Varoufakis and Defence Minister Panos Kamenos, the leader of the Independent Greeks, SYRIZA’s coalition partner in the current government