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January 15th

The decision on the blockade of Promachonas is to be taken today

15 January 2016 / 14:01:17  
Farmers from the region of Serres will set off to the Greek-Bulgarian border with their tractors to decide when to begin the roadblocks.

Three children drown in another accident in the Aegean Sea

15 January 2016 / 11:01:13  
The boat by which they were travelling capsized near the island of Agathonisi, there are no other victims or missing people.

January 14th

Three victims of the flu in Greece

14 January 2016 / 18:01:06  
The influenza virus gripped Greece after the New Year holidays. The first fatal case was registered last week and the percentage of people who are visiting hospitals with symptoms of influenza is constantly growing and has already surpassed 7.5 per cent.

Far right and religious extremists among the volunteers on Lesbos

14 January 2016 / 18:01:56  
In recent days, there have been frequent talks that the Greek police and Frontex will begin to check on the spot the volunteers and non-profit organizations working to address the refugee crisis on the islands.

The residents of the Greek islands deserve the Nobel Peace Prize

14 January 2016 / 16:01:21  
The refugee crisis in Europe has brought many problems, controversy and mixed reactions to what is happening on the continent. It turns out that different social groups in different countries are wavering between the extremes, from xenophobia to humanism, from accepting refugees without reservation to extreme hatred towards them. In addition to its demons, the crisis has given birth to its heroes too.

Clouds thicken over Varoufakis

14 January 2016 / 15:01:33  
Governor of the Bank of Greece Yiannis Stournaras said that in the summer of 2015 he organized a plan to protect Greece in the case that a parallel currency was introduced in the country.

Expanding horizons is one of the most meaningful things in life

14 January 2016 / 11:01:32  
In the zodiacal circle the key symbolism of Sagittarius is that life is meant to be lived, the only thing that is worth it is to come to know the world and live at your upper limits, that your journey in life is the most important thing that matters. Therefore, this sign is associated with travelling the world, obtaining knowledge, higher education, with teachers and the opportunities to expand horizons.