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November 18th, 2008

Greece pays billions for military equipment, when the world is taken over by a financial crisis

18 November 2008 / 08:11:39  
Managing the budget for military equipment becomes of importance on the financial crisis background. It has been decided that almost three billion Euros will be spent for delivering six new frigates and another six for delivering military planes.

Plan for supporting the Greek banks was asked for from the EU

17 November 2008 / 23:11:57  
The EU insisted on the Greek plan for bank support to be revised and not to oblige banks to use all three parts. At the same time, Alpha Bank said that they are ready to apply all measures, which expected from the government plan.

November 17th

November 17 - in honor of the killed students

17 November 2008 / 09:11:20  
"I remember when the tank broke into the department's building. And the screams. And how people came to help the students. And the many killed. And the chasing, I remember everything..." says the 40-year-old woman holding her little girl's hand when laying a flower in front of the engineering school in Athens.

November 16th

Obama and Medvedev invited for a meeting by Karamanlis

16 November 2008 / 16:11:13  
Greek diplomacy is working hard on the organization of a top meeting between the OSCE countries this spring in Athens. The meeting will give grounds for a direct meeting between USA and Russia presidents Barack Obama and Dmitri Medvedev.

Stelios Haji-ioannou leader of easyJet again?

16 November 2008 / 09:11:09  

The businessman increased his share from 15.6% to 27%, after he officially bought out his sister’s shares. He is warning, he will come back as chairman on the board of directors.

November 15th

Cyprus could be an exception in European practice

15 November 2008 / 14:11:03  
The Cyprian topic counselor of the United Nations, Alexander Downer doesn't exclude the possibility of the Turkish army staying on the Mediterranean island even after its unification.

Lady Helen Mirren as the unfaithful Phaedra

15 November 2008 / 12:11:56  
This is the second Greek tragedy that the London National Theater places this season, after the great success that Ralph Fiennes harvested in Oedipus.