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November 24th, 2008

The parliamentary council is waiting for Ephraim

24 November 2008 / 15:11:56  
The Vatoped abbot and his assistant Arsenii haven't said whether they will shop up at the hearing. The opposition wants all bank accounts to be open of those who have taken part in the deals.

10 million Greeks own 17 million cell phones

24 November 2008 / 13:11:37  
Cell phones "kill" land lines in Greece, children receive their first cell phones at the age of 7.

November 23rd

UN won't be the higher arbitrary for Cyprus

23 November 2008 / 14:11:15  
The special advisor of UN's General Secretary regarding the Cyprian topic - Alexander Downer evaluates the negotiations between the Cyprian Greeks and the Cyprian Turks as promising. The situation is more optimistic than Cyprian citizens see it.

Kastelorizo - Vatopedi monastery of Dodecanese

23 November 2008 / 12:11:13  
The citizens of the small beautiful island are barely 200 but they have managed to sign over 1500 real estate sale-trade contracts with suspiciously famous foreign companies.

Piracy is more dangerous than cyclones

23 November 2008 / 08:11:39  
"During winter, I prefer to navigate my ship in the Northern Atlantic, where the waves are really big, than to sail through the Gulf of Aden," shares captain Panaiotis Tzanetakos for the "Guardian."

November 22nd

Winter is coming!

22 November 2008 / 17:11:40  
The Greek national Meteorological station warns for a sudden change of the weather for the worse during the weekend like strong winds, drop in temperatures, and even snow.

New information opportunities for the ones 50 years old or older

22 November 2008 / 12:11:17  
New internet initiative attracted 50 and older citizens. The website of the "50+ Hellas" organization provides information regarding work load, social politics, health, tourism, entertainment and other hot topics.