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Athens in narcotic sleep

mihaela | 10:09 | 20 Sep 10

Rhodes, The Old Town

mihaela | 14:09 | 13 Sep 10

The graceful charm of the island of Simi

The island of Simi is part of the Dodecanese archipelago and is considered the birthplace of the Three Graces. It is named after the Nymph Simi, who was the wife of the sea god Poseidon. The island, located in the south-eastern part of Greece, impresses with its Neoclassical architecture. In recent years, however, Neoclassicism discreetly gave way to the coming Art Deco style.
mihaela | 15:08 | 30 Aug 10

The Pope in Cyprus

Pope Benedict XVI became the first leader of the Catholic Church, who visited Orthodox Cyprus . The Holy Father reiterated the steps of the Apostle Paul, who in the year 45 A.C. arrived in the Cypriot town of Paphos to make the first conversion to Christianity on the Mediterranean island.
mihaela | 14:06 | 07 Jun 10

Art Athens 2010

For the 16th  time in Athens is organized the market of works of art and a meeting of gallery owners - an event called Art Athens. Between May 13 and 16 in the indoor Taekwondo court in Faliro neighborhood, 58 galleries from 11 countries (Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Greece, USA, Italy, UK, Netherlands and Turkey) will show the works of more than 300 artists and visual artists. Enjoy! 

elena | 15:05 | 17 May 10

Dog show in Athens

The Kennel Club of Greece hosted the 2 X CACIB qualification dog show for DFS Crufts 2011 in Marathon Land in Athens.
elena | 11:05 | 12 May 10

Athens Fashion Week 2010

Greek Fashion Week was organized for the eleventh time in Athens between March 24 and 28, 2010. Participating were 15 established and young designers, who showed their 2010-2011 autumn-winter collections. Photos: Marina Nikolova
marina | 20:03 | 28 Mar 10

Fear and hate in Athens!

The new  restrictive economic measures of the socialist government of PASOK became the reason for another conflict of the Greek anarchists with the Special Forces for riots control in the heart of Athens. In front of the building of the Parliament the protesting people were shouting “Say NO! to the robbers”, “The rich should pay for the crisis”, “Take the police out of the protest”.

rosy | 20:03 | 05 Mar 10

Archeologists underwater

We present you moments of the archaeological excavation of the sunken ship during the Mycenaean era near the island of Poros. The study of the findings at the bottom of the sea can give valuable information about a very critical historic period in the region of the Aegean Sea.

"Saint Nicolas" boat is the mobile laboratory of the researchers and the displayed picture shows where the sunken ship near the island Modi is located.

elena | 15:02 | 15 Feb 10

Charming Apache 64D

The Greek Army officially accepted 12 combat helicopters, Apache 64D. Those most advanced military helicopters used by the U.S. Army since 1998, combine the ease of movement and maneuver with powerful weapons. Some of them have the Fire Control Radar system and bear the name AH-64D APACHE LONGBOW.

ivanov | 06:02 | 13 Feb 10