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снимкова галерия


Maria S. Topalova is taking you on a tour around the largest Cycladic Island. Although it does not have the reputation of Mykonos and Santorini, it has its own charm and style.
mihaela | 16:08 | 27 Aug 12

Olympic visions

Berlin-based artist Jens Ullrich impressed global audience with his series of Pilots in which he combines newspaper photos of remarkable sports achievements with images of classical Greek sculptures. The enormous collages are a combination of moments of supreme sports strain, caught by the lens, and the momentum of classical figures.
vesela.dinolova | 09:07 | 21 Jul 12

Summer touches from Manhattan

In the middle of the summer, Maria S. Topalova guides you through the streets of New York Follow Maria on Twitter @MariaSTopalova
vesela.dinolova | 15:07 | 18 Jul 12

The secrets of the shipwreck off the islet of Antikythera

Marble and bronze statues, jewellery and clay pots, as well as the famous Antikythera Mechanism compose the rich exhibition in the National Archaeological Museum of Athens.
vesela.dinolova | 22:07 | 17 Jul 12


Athina Tsingari’s new film entitled THE CAPSULE is a Greek Gothic mystery inspired by the work of the young Polish artist Aleksandra Waliszewska.
mihaela | 19:06 | 19 Jun 12

Ugo Rondinone - Nude

Dancers’ graceful bodies inspired not one or two artists and photographers. The charm of Swiss Ugo Rondinone (born 1963) is in the simplicity of his shapes, cast in wax in the natural sizes of bodies and in the natural colours of the substance. They are delicate and elegant, attractive in their simplicity, yet stylish and impressive. Like his predecessor, Alberto Giacometti, Rondinone praises the ascetic body that is athletic, resilient, and tough at the same time. Unlike Edgar Degas’ ballet-dancers, his sculptures are of resting dancers. The tired bodies sculptured by him, however, are remarkably graceful and harmonious. Seven nude figures by Ugo Rondinone will be exhibited at the Museum of Cycladic Art in Athens by mid-September as well as a silent face (photo # 5) without hands, as if it would like to tell us that time is powerless to genuine beauty.
mihaela | 14:06 | 11 Jun 12

The artist as a jeweller

Over 180 jewelleries by artists such as Louis Bourgeois, Pablo Picasso, Roy Lichtenstein and Salvador Dali are exhibited in the central building of the Benaki Museum in Athens.
mihaela | 15:05 | 22 May 12

Greek Monsters are Attacking

So far, only the building of Benaki Museum, 138 Piraeus Street, has been attacked as the eponymous exhibition of Beetroot design agency was opened there on April 26. For more than two months there will be exposed the original solutions of the young and talented Greek designers who have already been internationally recognised.
mihaela | 14:04 | 25 Apr 12

"True N’ Forever"

"True N’ Forever" is the name of the exhibition of paintings by the artistic group of Sake Tattoo studio in Athens. It will be open until the middle of April this year and shows the works of eight genuine artists, who do not fit within the established frameworks of art.
mihaela | 13:04 | 20 Apr 12