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Leo Drama Lurking in August

01 August 2014 / 17:08:04  GRReporter
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This applies both to states and to smaller human formations such as companies, teams and organisations. There might be sufficiently prominent people or people sitting in the back rows which no one has noticed yet. Those who have nothing more to give to the public, take off from the "Ferris wheel", making way for others who have more capacity for future development.
Therefore, every new leader who appears on the public scene and has some power to mark his/her bright presence, is a person who has the capacity and ability to achieve their goals. It doesn’t have to be a brand new figure.
All this can be noticed in the personal aspect too. In some teams, businesses, companies, and even in a social group like family, a shift in position takes place – office positions are being changed, responsibilities and assignments of various members.

Because of the “shrinking and tightening” circumstances that take place, the month may be full of dramatic situations, more or less. The Leo element makes them more dramatic than they are. So be ready for some exaggerations and more theatricality. Take note, however, of what is simpler, quiet and devoid of unnecessary decoration. It is such as it is very fragile, but sooner or later it will grow and become a solid "tree" bearing ripe good fruit.

As for the climate and weather conditions, mid-August can bring phenomena that are disturbing on a significant scale. It is possible that there will be human "storms, tornadoes and floods." At the end of the month, we can expecta  planetary picture, which, especially in the intimate world, brings a lot of rigour, lack of any tact, empathy and morality as well as cold and selfish behaviour.

 Below, you will find information about the way in which the different sectors of the zodiac will be affected in August - what topics will be provoked and what type of events can be expected. I will make a brief analysis of all of them.

Find your date of birth in the descriptions below.

29 December – 9 January

In August, the general environment seems to be full of hindrances and obstacles which will disturb you and your relationships. This is mainly due to inevitable changes in life, someone else’s or joint property, inheritance or sudden events.

You invest most of your energy in daily issues, the work environment and dealing with opponents - the month will be quite dynamic for you. The last days of August will be very productive, especially in terms of partnerships - both personal and professional. You will get help and support. The financial field is still a challenge for you. Your love life will face some challenges too, but the month is not appropriate for novelties.

10 January – 22 January

In August, the general environment seems to be very beneficial, it will bring you new achievements and results, especially with regard to relationships and partnerships - both personal and professional, as well as in connection with all kinds of financial and business initiatives.

You will invest most of your energy in your home, family, building security and stability, constructive issues and creativity. The last days of the period can be defined as a little test - be careful about all kinds of conflicts, especially in relation to household issues, daily routine, work assignments and responsibilities. Your financial situation will continue to be in bloom, it will bring you good partnerships – both in the business and personal sector. Your love life at the end of the month will bring you disappointment and confusion.

23 January – 4 February
In August, the general environment seems to be slightly irritating, with more challenges ahead mainly related to dealing with opponents, competition, domestic issues, daily work, assignments and commitments.

Travel will not be beneficial for you during the month. You will invest most of your energy in personal endeavours, initiatives and new projects, communication and siblings. Do not overstrain yourself because your energy is subjected to rapid depletion. Your financial situation is in an irritating state, the pressure doesn’t drop, financial conflicts are possible especially in relation to household and business issues. Your love life will present opportunities for a new beginning at the end of the month.

 5 February – 17 February
In August, the general environment seems to be particularly good - questions concerning your personal power and power / authority are affected as well as matters concerning your home, family, security and stability. You invest most of your energy in your life prosperity. Some enthusiasm can be noticed regarding all kinds of financial and material issues, benefits and investments. The month provides a great opportunity to spread your wings and "expand". The financial sector remains stable and profitable on issues related to home, family, children and building security. Your love will be a little unstable at the end of the month.

 18 February – 3 March
In August, the general environment seems to include impulsive and slightly risky steps, it will make you impatient, you will be faced with certain weaknesses related to your siblings, communication, personal endeavours and initiatives. You invest most of your energy in being efficient and productive, in launching something personal:  image, career, new life's development.

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