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Archive - 2008

December 23rd

We are going to have the coldest Christmas

23 December 2008 / 09:12:32  
Christmas will be sunny but freezing. The roads will continue to be slippery, the chains will be a must. The winds will quiet down. Pelting rains in Cyprus and only the hydrologists are happy.

New rules for the demonstrations in Athens

23 December 2008 / 08:12:52  
The government offers corrections in the law for police service. There was a shooting at a bus of the Special Forces.

December 22nd

Snowy Christmas

22 December 2008 / 14:12:55  
From today the temperatures are dropping fast. It has started snowing in the mountains and it will continue on to the cities. Due to the storm winds, ships are stuck in the ports.

Greek to buy Honda?

22 December 2008 / 12:12:50  
Greek ship magnate Ahileas Kalakis whose wealth is valued to be 250 million Pounds is showing interest to buy to orphaned Formula 1 team.

December 21st

They were throwing pig heads at the Christmas tree

21 December 2008 / 12:12:01  
Two weeks after the murder of 16 year old Alexandros Grigoropoulos streets are still filled with battling anarchists and policemen. There are fires, “Molotov” cocktails, tear and poisonous gas, and broken store windows.

Greek stock-breeding up for quarantine

21 December 2008 / 10:12:32  
The European Commission warns to forbid the distribution of Greek products coming from animals around the Union and in third countries.

Immigrant castes

21 December 2008 / 10:12:02  
New type of racism is starting among the immigrants in Greece. The old ones get a wage of 40-55 Euros and the new ones lower it to 20 Euros and less. The European immigrants do not like the dark colored.