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Archive - Nov 2009

November 24th

Protest failed meetings between Ministers and unions

24 November 2009 / 12:11:52  
Differences within the trade unions and clash between the government and the Communist Party in Greece caused delay in the beginning of the reform dialogue for the insurance system.

149 new ER beds for the swine flu fight

24 November 2009 / 09:11:47  
Four new death cases were reported over the weekend.

November 23rd

Explosions in front of two hairdressers and a bomb against a deputy of PASOK

23 November 2009 / 16:11:28  
Soccer fans rioted in Thessaloniki.

Five airlines competing for destinations outside the EU

23 November 2009 / 16:11:14  
Olympic Air has services eleven destinations outside the EU until now and now it will compete for at least six out of them with another five private airlines.

Social security reform dialogue starts

23 November 2009 / 15:11:16  
The meeting between Labor Minister Andreas Loverdos and representatives of the biggest trade unions in Greece, sets the beginning of the reform dialogue, which the government has to undertake in the social security system.

Why Cinema Now?

23 November 2009 / 13:11:57  
The 50 anniversary film festival logo called for discussions, approvals, bewilderments and interesting answers.

Disabled man victim of Bulgarian criminal group dealing with people trafficking

23 November 2009 / 11:11:20  
Beggars in Greece reach 15 thousand people, who bring “turnover” of €200 to €300 thousand per day.