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Archive - Aug 2009

August 23rd

Changes in the government or preliminary elections

23 August 2009 / 15:08:11  

"The way ahead is tough. We have a plan and determination to move forward...

New fires raging in Athens, state of emergency was announced

23 August 2009 / 10:08:14  

The fire burst on Friday night and for less than 12 hours grew into a disaster.

August 21st

Firestorm west of Athens under control

21 August 2009 / 15:08:51  

According to latest news, there are currently 106 fires on Greek territory.

First medical clinic for swine flu prevention opened yesterday

21 August 2009 / 15:08:06  

The rest of the public clinics are going to open by the end of the month.

New H1N1 cases- two young men in serious condition

21 August 2009 / 13:08:40  

A 23-year old boy with cardiovascular insufficiency and a 28 years old officer on a death-bed after diagnosed with swine flu.  

Europe moving slowly but surely

21 August 2009 / 10:08:53  

In regard to Greece, specialists keep reminding that the major obstacles for recovery are the budget deficit and the unnecessarily huge public sector.

August 20th

In vitro laws in EU countries

20 August 2009 / 15:08:25  

Greece has become one of the most popular European countries for in vitro insemination.