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Archive - Aug 2009

August 18th

“Plato’s Academy” with awards from the Locarno Film Festival

18 August 2009 / 11:08:14  

The new Greek comedy, "Plato's Academy" received several awards at the Locarno Film Festival.

August 17th

Athina Onassis is selling Scorpio Island

17 August 2009 / 14:08:45  

Greece has over 1500 islands, less than 200 of which are inhabited...

Tremendous rise of kindergarten taxes

17 August 2009 / 14:08:08  

Private daycare centers raise their taxes with 87.5%, forcing parents to pay, since no places are available in public centers.


Economic crisis not upsetting

17 August 2009 / 13:08:52  

Greece entered recession.

Bicycle-patrols in Thessaloniki

17 August 2009 / 08:08:13  

Over 9000 were checked-up by the patrols, 40% were foreigners, as were 67% of those arrested.

Albanian buys a Bulgarian girl for €2000 to sell as a prostitute

17 August 2009 / 07:08:46  

In another Athenian suburb, two men were arrested with fake Bulgarian passports. They were caught while trying to withdraw money from an ATM through the method of "skimming".

August 14th

A professional or not- feel the thrill of water sports!

14 August 2009 / 16:08:16  

Surrounded by water, Greece is a popular touristic destination, without an inch of sea-side space that hasn't been utilized in some way.