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Archive - Aug 2009

August 29th

GRR HOT 15 is back!

29 August 2009 / 08:08:02  

Hello everyone! I hope I am finding you in good mood and rested after your holidays! What can I say? Holidays are great but just like everything, they have an end. And thank God for that, because if they didn't, how would we appreciate them for what they are? Yes, you're right...I got a little philosophical on you! So anyway, this week the chart is going to rock you off of your feet and I hope this energy will be enough to give you a nice weekend start!


August 28th

Black list with death sentences

28 August 2009 / 13:08:38  

The name of Cyprian chief DA was found in the black list of assassins.

Sorrow cannot be put out

28 August 2009 / 12:08:05  

The airplane met some electric cables and fell in the yard of a hotel. The 55 year old pilot was a father of two and had a professional experience of over 4000 hours.

Good draw for Olympiacos

28 August 2009 / 11:08:46  

On an official ceremony in Monaco yesterday Edwin Van Der Sar, John Terry, Xavier Hernández Creus, and Lionel Messi made the draw for the Champions League and distributed the 32 teams in 8 groups.

Greeks are happy when they have money

28 August 2009 / 10:08:52  

Money, education and moderate political views is the recipe for Greek happiness

August 27th

Pilot of a fire fighting airplane dead

27 August 2009 / 14:08:05  

Right after the pilot dropped the water and tried to make a turn to get out of the fire territory, the airplane turned upside down and fell right into the flames.

New fires on Crete and Andros

27 August 2009 / 09:08:30  

A large scale plan is in action to compensate all wildfire victims.