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Archive - Oct 2010

October 26th

Greek women dress in oriental style, thinks the designer Christoforos Kotentos

26 October 2010 / 11:10:09  
Very often, the reality show Next Top Model presents girls that are not selected according to the fashion models criteria but only because they have a strong personality, says the designer Christoforos Kotentos for the OK magazine. Mr. Kotentos is in the jury that will select the next Greek Top Model. The last year’s title was awarded to the beautiful Greek-Swiss Serayna.

Papandreou demands victory or early elections

26 October 2010 / 10:10:57  
The Greek Prime Minister appealed the country to demonstrate it is determined to change bad laws and that titanic work will not be halfway done during a television interview from the Ministerial Council. The interview was taken by seven journalists and lasted two hours.

October 25th

Thessaloniki VIPs live in the Panorama neighbourhood

25 October 2010 / 15:10:14  
It is a matter of status for each Thessaloniki TV star, celebrity, politician or businessman to have a house in the neighbourhood of Panorama. The neighbourhood is located in the eastern city outskirts, amidst a pine forest, overlooking Thessaloniki and the Termaikos bay.

Pasted bits of a poetic pitcher

25 October 2010 / 13:10:24  
The poet Momchilo Radich talked with Zdravka Mihailova especially for GRREPORTER.

Tax amnesty called the first 100 thousand Greeks

25 October 2010 / 10:10:44  
The PASOK government hopes to bring at least € 700 million into the treasury from small and medium companies in the country by the end of the year relying on the guilty conscience of entrepreneurs.

The players of AEK are climbing up the championship rankings, Panathinaikos is unrecognizably weak...

25 October 2010 / 09:10:21  
The yellow-blacks won the match between the football teams of AEK and Panathinaikos played on OAKA Stadium in Athens. The team of AEK performed great tonight, its players were completely devoted to the play. Jiménez promise that he will look each player in the eyes individually and will ask him whether he has blood or water in his veins has taken its toll. It is apparent the Spaniard's approach is effective and his words touch the hearts of the players. Last night they did what he asked them to do. They tirelessly pursued goal positions and blocked the opponent.

October 24th

A fault start and surrealistic scenes put the beginning of the Basketball Championship of Greece

24 October 2010 / 20:10:04  
With a false start and surreal scenes started the Basketball Championship in Greece. Scenes, which "decorated" the pitches during the three games, competed against each other. The first bad news came shortly before the beginning of the match between Aris and Olympiakos. Before the match the yellow team had agreed with the players of Olympiakos for a general strike. Guests, however, ultimately decided to compete. During the game between teams of Kavala and Ilisiakos on the other hand there was also a fight between the police and the players who declared a strike.