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Archive - Oct 2010

October 24th

Over 20 billion euro is the annual turnover of the street vendors in Greece

24 October 2010 / 17:10:03  
According to the report of the European Commission on the other hand only in 2009 in Greece were seized almost 22 million units of counterfeit of the original goods, which takes the Mediterranean country to the first place. Bulgaria appears in fourth place with 11.3 million unreported goods on the black market.

The basketball players of Panathinaikos crashed PAOK in an uneven battle

24 October 2010 / 15:10:20  
With a score of 108-61 ended the basketball game between the teams of Panathinaikos and PAOK, which was played on the OAKA pitch in Athens. The reason for the huge difference in results lies not so much in the superiority of the home team tonight as much as in the number of players of PAOK. The team appeared in the Olympic complex only with its 5 foreign players, as the Greek players are on strike. The non typical game was also held in non typical atmosphere. The hall in OAKA was half empty, a fact which should bother the hosts, having in mind that this was the first game of the greens on their field.

Barclays gives over 50 percent chance that Greece will reschedule its debt

24 October 2010 / 14:10:39  
The manager of the Bank of Greece George Provopoulos: The economy cannot withstand another tax increase, from now the cuts in public expenditures is the only chance

Natasa Theodoridou “I have never lead a wasteful life”

24 October 2010 / 12:10:23  
Natasa Theodoridou is firmly convinced that the crisis could not take the Greek away from his favorite music. In an interview for the magazine Down Town the singer known for her love for the rather folk type of music and her realistic outlook on life said: "I did not believe this and I will never believe it. The Greek is so connected with his song, so "involved" in its sound that it is difficult to have a good time without it. Regardless of what type of music he prefers. Whichever type he prefers, eventually all roads lead to the folk song that reaches his heart and drives him up on his feet.

Greece has been thrown out from the routs of the international cruises

24 October 2010 / 10:10:50  
The European Commission of cruise companies made a decision that it cannot take a risk and the foreign tourist ships will no longer be mooring on Greek soil until 2012 at the earliest.

The banks do not wish to risk by financing alternative energy projects

24 October 2010 / 08:10:51  
Experts in the filed advise that the production of energy from renewable sources turns to the pension funds and insurance companies for long term investments.

October 23rd

The sea is my life

23 October 2010 / 18:10:26  
Everything about the benefit of swimming has already been said and written. Besides being a wonderful way to relax, it has extremely beneficial effects on human body. It exercises the heart, lungs, corrects the blood circulation, gently exercises the joints and strengthens muscles of the body. This sport provides physical and mental pleasure, because movement in the water is a balm for the body and soul. Swimming helps the general health condition of the people, and the effect of only a few lengths swam can be compared with 1 hour aerobics.