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Archive - Oct 2010

October 23rd

The economic crisis will not stop the construction of the Kavafis Museum

23 October 2010 / 15:10:20  
A proof that good things happen even in times of crisis is the news that in the heart of Athens in less than a year will be opened the first museum dedicated to the life and works of the poet Konstantinos Kavafis.

Kiosk owners: The profit for a sold pack of cigarettes is 5 cents, we are at the end of our resources

23 October 2010 / 13:10:58  
A three-day strike announced today the owners of kiosks and pavilions who want to a law to be passed for the increase of the profit margin to 8.2%. Currently, they receive 3% from the sale of cigarettes and tobacco products, which is equivalent to 5 cents per pack and the accumulated until the end of the month amount is obviously not sufficient to cover even the expenses for electricity and telephone, said the chairman of the Federation of owners of kiosks Konstantinos Kogias.

Djbril Cisse "Greece looks like heaven and hell"

23 October 2010 / 11:10:22  
Football players in Greece remain unaffected by the crisis. Such are at least the conclusions of the forward of Panathinaikos, Djibril Cisse, who revealed before the French newspaper France Soir his conclusions about Greece, about the crisis, about the world of football and... about the temptations which in his words in the Mediterranean countries are lurking around almost every corner.

GRR HOT 15: Sakis Rouvas, Tri O Five and Tamata make an entry

23 October 2010 / 11:10:16  
Hello, music lovers. Autumn, as we all well know, is a variable season. Everything becomes different then. Nature, mood, tone. Our beloved GRR HOT 15 has also change its appearance quite a lot. What exactly do I mean, we will find out together.

The Mediterranean is looking for environmetally clean and economically profitable energy sources

23 October 2010 / 10:10:23  
Regional initiatives for joint environmental policies are becoming more and more important at a time when the world is increasingly moving away from reaching a general agreement on the global warming

October 22nd

Love in astrological terms – part 2

22 October 2010 / 16:10:46  
I will turn aside a little before I continue with the aspects of Venus. I will focus on a very rare technique that is hardly used today in western astrology. It is unique in its simplicity and amazing at the same time of what information it can provide. It is called planetary fit or planetary order.

The merger of Olympic Air and Aegean Airlines does not seem to suit Brussels

22 October 2010 / 13:10:56  
While the two largest airlines in Greece are preparing to become an air giant the government turned to their young counterparts (budget airlines) to enhance competitiveness on this market.