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Archive - Mar 27, 2010

Google’s eye fixed on the undeclared pools

27 March 2010 / 13:03:41  
The Ministry of finance will use pictures from Google Earth to pursue the deceitful tax payers. A team of 15 inspectors have undertaken the task of scanning the entire Greece and using a satellite to find pools, country houses, real estate properties which it will compare to the tax forms filed by the tax payers.

Turn off the lights for The Earth Hour

27 March 2010 / 10:03:35  
Tonight Greece will try to beat its record from last year by turning off the lights between 20:30 and 21:30. During that time the lights of the Acropolis, giving a sign for the support of Greece with the initiative of saving the nature.

Eli Kokinou is getting a divorce...

27 March 2010 / 09:03:16  
The news about the divorce of Eli Kokinou and Panagiotis Vasiliadis shocked the Greek society. The couple had won the sympathy of the people and was famous for keeping a low profile on purpose.

Stock breeders want an increase in the price of lamb before Easter

27 March 2010 / 09:03:25  
From the Greek Union of the stock breeders and farmers are saying that the import of lamb has drastically decreased this year and the local production has decreased by 30% compared to the production levels in the last year.