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Archive - Mar 9, 2010

The Greek trail at the Oscar awards

09 March 2010 / 17:03:21  
"The dolphins gulf" by Louis Psihoyos won an Oscar award for documentary „Заливът на делфините” на Луис Психойос спечели Оскар за документален филм.

A sharp decrease in the demand of credits in Greece

09 March 2010 / 16:03:03  
The crisis lead to a decrease in the demand of credits and the recession and the increase in the spread index forced the banks to increase the interest rates. The small and medium size companies in the country are mostly affected.

The head economist of Eurobank EFG: Our bank in Bulgaria is stable

09 March 2010 / 15:03:22  
"I am optimistic about the entering of Bulgaria in the euro zone", says Gikas Hadrouvelis in an interview for Maria S. Topalova

Strike: Greece will be blocked on Thursday and until that time mountains of garbage will flood the country

09 March 2010 / 12:03:46  
A 24 hours strike against the measures of the government announced the employees from the public and private sector in Greece who will gather at a protesting procession which will start from Pedio Aris and head for the Parliament at 11 o’clock in the morning.

The people affected by the bankruptcy of Aspida want to receive a 100% compensation for their insurances

09 March 2010 / 11:03:56  
The people affected by the bankruptcy of the insurance company Aspida will fight for their full compensations, they announced at a press conference in Athens. 850 000 contracts for “Life” insurances, pensions and health insurances are lost after the bankruptcy of the company. According to the new bill for the Control over the private insurance the people affected could receive 50% of their money after 2013.