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Archive - Mar 7, 2010

A wine museum opened its doors close to Thessaloniki

07 March 2010 / 15:03:19  
The museum of the wine “Gerovasiliou” opened doors in Epanomi close to Thessaloniki. It was opened by Evangelos Gerovasiliou who has been collecting since 1976 various objects related to the wine production from the various stages since ancient times until today.

International Festival of Music, Theater and Dance in Volos

07 March 2010 / 14:03:25  
The festive program starts on December 19, 2009 and ends on January 12, 2010

The Technologies of Mount Athos

07 March 2010 / 13:03:42  
Just from very recently the Mount Athos monasteries have access to internet, however technologically they hide many wonders which the natural sciences have yet to discover and study.

Cleavage in PASOK

07 March 2010 / 13:03:10  
The opposition within PASOK says that the second package of restrictive economic measures will lead to deep recession. The government has to create a new program for the rehabilitation of the production in the country. The candidature of Luka Papadimou is one of the suggestions for a coordinator of the new program.

Eleni Danilidou with a “Wild card” at the Indian Wales championship

07 March 2010 / 13:03:48  
Eleni Danilidou received an invitation for participation in the Indian Wales championship. Besides the Greek athlete invitations also received another 6 world class tennis players.

Sakis Rouvas - Σπάσε το χρόνο and the fire in Club S

07 March 2010 / 11:03:04  
A huge success has the new video of the singer Σπάσε το χρόνο, which already became a hit. The happy period of Sakis is only shaded by the fire which started in his bar Club S

Panagiotis Koutsikus: Bulgaria has a great investment climate

07 March 2010 / 10:03:29  
Panagiotis Koutsikus is the chairman of the Greek – Bulgarian commercial chamber and a businessman with long term presence on the Bulgarian market, he discusses for GRreporter his impressions of Bulgaria.