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Archive - Mar 5, 2010

Bulgaria and Greece at the Winter Para Olympic Games in Vancouver

05 March 2010 / 19:03:49  
Vivi Christodoulopoulu and Yannis Papavasiliou are the Greek athletes who will take part in the Winter Para Olympic Games in Vancouver. Bulgaria will be represented by three athletes - Alexander Stoyanov, Yoanna Ermenkova and Ivailo Vatov.

A gourmet trip in the natural historical museum Gulandri

05 March 2010 / 18:03:35  
Dining Out Concept бъ Olivier Campanha is the new challenge for the cookery lovers

Police used tear gas against protesters

05 March 2010 / 14:03:10  
Clashes between police and union members during the trade unions protest in front of the Greek Parliament, which voted for the financial stabilization measures of the country. During the clashes the president of one of the two most powerful unions Yannis Panagopulos was injured. Expect more details soon from our reporter Victoria Mindova

Speculators sky rocketed gas prices in Greece

05 March 2010 / 13:03:30  
For less than a day unleaded gas surpassed €1.55 per liter, while at the beginning of the year one liter of gas cost around €1.09.

Bulgaria will get its natural gas supply from Greece

05 March 2010 / 13:03:46  
The contract between the Greek state gas company, the Italians Εdison and the Βulgarian Εnergy company was signed in Thessaloniki.

Greece does not want even a penny from Germany

05 March 2010 / 12:03:40  
Greece needs political support rather than financial aid, said PM Georgios Papandreou before meeting with Germany's Chancellor Angela Merkel. MP members of Merkel's party suggested: "Greece should sell its islands." They provoked ironic new wave of publications: "The Acropolis will do," said the German Bild, which assesses the symbol of Greek civilization of about €100 billion.

GRR HOT 15: Helping Haiti

05 March 2010 / 11:03:41  
Hello my dear GRR HOT 15 friends! Last weekend was the first Eurovision semi-final and the Bulgarian fans chose Miro’s song You are an Angel. Now, this weekend another event will shake up the entertainment world – the Oscars!