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Archive - Aug 2011

August 10th

The informed consumer is the key link in the chain of good business

10 August 2011 / 18:08:35  
Households with large debts to banks are the first on the list of consumer complaints in the first quarter of 2011. Complaints from electricity bills, water, gas and communication services follow.

Greek bonds swap is extended until 2024

10 August 2011 / 13:08:27  
The countries with high credit rating will have to convince their parliaments to approve the new bailout for Athens in an extremely unfavourable external environment.

August 9th

Seventeen cases of infection with West Nile virus

09 August 2011 / 20:08:16  
After last year's outbreak of the infection with West Nile virus during which 35 people lost their lives, the Greek authorities have taken targeted action against the spread of its carriers - the mosquitoes.

August heat in Athens

09 August 2011 / 18:08:14  
The Athens municipality decided this time not to open the doors of air-conditioned clubs for pensioners and other facilities and to offer some coolness to the townspeople. However, first aid ambulance and two motorcycles were on the square just in case and were ready to respond if a citizen or visitor would need medical attention.

Nervous index of the Athens Stock Exchange

09 August 2011 / 17:08:49  
After the index had dropped to 979.25 points during the day the trade revived and it reached 1000.13 points, another auction of short-term bills with limited involvement of foreign investors and slightly reduced interest rate was closed.

The decline on the Athens Stock Exchange continues

09 August 2011 / 14:08:51  
Its index fell another 1.9% and reached the unenviable 979.25 points and the spread-index has remained at 1313.8 basis points.

August 8th

Scientists from the VAN group are warning for a strong earthquake of 6 on the Richter scale

08 August 2011 / 20:08:05  
According to the scientists from the VAN group, who argue that they predict earthquakes by seismic electric signals, an earthquake of over 6 on the Richter scale could be anticipated.