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Archive - Aug 2011

August 22nd

Greece is not able to pay its debts and it makes no sense to grant new loans to it, say GRReporter readers

22 August 2011 / 18:08:26  
People want more action and less talk showed the poll "What do you think of Greece's lobbying for financial support?".

Ana-Maria Petrova between the thorns and the flowers of Via Egnatia

22 August 2011 / 16:08:15  
Talented, beautiful, bright, true. These are the four virtues of Ana-Maria Petrova’s aura. You can not help but feel it when around her. You somehow know about it instinctively when watching her on the screen.

August 21st

Papandreou completely lost control of the Greek economy

21 August 2011 / 12:08:21  
The Socialist government failed to achieve the objectives of the Memorandum with the Troika. Its inability to carry out reforms leads to an increase of existing taxes and introduction of three new special taxes in September.

August 20th

What are the shares of Greek banks worth

20 August 2011 / 18:08:14  
For 10 shares of the National Bank of Greece you can buy a bottle of whiskey, of Alpha Bank - a protective facial cream, of Eurobank EFG - two tickets to see a movie, of the Bank of Cyprus - a pack of tablets for espresso coffee, of the Agricultural bank - two packs of cheep cigarettes.

Public activists or individualists

20 August 2011 / 17:08:31  
Everyone has his place in the social network, the plants define 12 types of people according to their engagement to public causes

August 19th

Trade unionists in the tourist industry announced a strike, fearing for low participation

19 August 2011 / 20:08:25  
Hotel, restaurant and confectionery employees resist the option their professions no to be included in the new list of hard jobs that is expected to be announced in early September.

Interstate scandal with the financial aid for Greece

19 August 2011 / 17:08:08  
After Finland, Austria too requested bilateral guarantees to participate in the second rescue plan for Greece, politicians accused the PASOK government that it takes Europe to disintegration.