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Archive - Sep 2011

September 7th

Overfilled bins will fill the cityscape of Athens from Monday

07 September 2011 / 15:09:20  
The cleaning staff announced a 48-hour strike from next Monday and it is not clear when it will end.

The Greek justice discharged the sprinters Kenteris and Thanou "because of doubts"

07 September 2011 / 13:09:13  
The court of second instance rejected the discretion of the District Court and discharged the sprinters who caused a huge scandal on the eve of the Olympic Games in Athens. The decision was commented ironically by the media.

September 6th

Greece had the deuce with the six-month T-bills worth € 1.3 billion

06 September 2011 / 18:09:30  
The maturity of other short-term government securities amounting € 4 billion is at the end of September. There is no money in the state funds and the decision on the payment of the sixth tranche of the financial aid is delayed.

Why are we afraid to admit that the Bulgarians and Greeks are alike?

06 September 2011 / 16:09:30  
"You can not have prejudices against a person who is like you" is the phrase that engraved on my mind after the interview with the young and ambitious teacher of Greek Katya Bliznashka. She is the founder of the special Greek language school in Sofia, Panellinika.

Insurance companies hold bonds worth € 2-2.5 billion

06 September 2011 / 13:09:57  
Their rollover will be implemented through the local banks to which they belong or through their headquarters abroad.

September 5th

McKinsey & Company proved that it is possible to open 500 thousand new jobs in Greece in the next 10 years

05 September 2011 / 20:09:50  
The Greece 10 Years Ahead: National Growth Model study not only presents old truths in new covers, but gives concrete ideas what the state should do to open the door to the business. Is there anybody to pay attention?

The Vardinogiannis family withdrew from Panathinaikos

05 September 2011 / 15:09:04  
The Athens legendary sports club Panathinaikos continues its existence without one of the wealthiest Greek families, announced the son Giannis Vardinogiannis at a special press conference held in Peania.