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Archive - Oct 24, 2012

Helmut Newton in a retrospective challenge to the Athenian audience

24 October 2012 / 20:10:30  
Women, protagonists in his photographs, are turned into fetishes, a symbol of the author’s unbridled imagination mixed with indomitable passion.

Bank employees protest against the healthcare reform

24 October 2012 / 19:10:23  
A large number of bank branches in Greece closed on Wednesday after employees in the banking system announced a 24-hour strike. They are protesingt against the merger of their health insurance fund with the National Organization for Health Care Provision.

Mark Mazower: Greek political elite blames the crisis on everyone else but not on itself

24 October 2012 / 18:10:02  
The problem is the politicians themselves, who seem to be completely unable to understand the crisis of their legitimacy. I think this crisis and its resolving are the "key" to dealing with the economic crisis, the expert in Balkan and Greek history thinks.

The problem is not the next tranche but structural reforms

24 October 2012 / 17:10:49  
The president of the Hellenic Federation of Enterprises Dimitris Daskalopoulos stated that he was extremely disappointed with how the rescue programme for Greece was being carried out.