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Archive - Oct 9, 2012

Independent Greeks: provocateurs broke up our protest

09 October 2012 / 21:10:35  
Many participants were disappointed by the fact that Panos Kamenos did not lead them to the German Embassy but to the underground in order to go home.

live Riots and tear gas along with Angela Merkel’s visit

09 October 2012 / 20:10:06  
The final number of detainees on the day of Angela Merkel’s visit reached 217. 24 people were arrested. Greek media report that more than half of the people detained by the police were students.

live Angela Merkel breaks the international isolation of Greece

09 October 2012 / 16:10:58  
I hope that Greece will remain in the euro area but the condition is to see in the Troika's report that Greece's commitments have been met, the German Chancellor told journalists in Athens.

Akis Tsochatzopoulos’ suspected accomplice has been found dead

09 October 2012 / 16:10:17  
Vlassis Kambourogolu was one of the owners of the company that gained significant amounts from the arms deals of the purchase of Russian arms systems.

live The Third Reich became alive on Syntagma

09 October 2012 / 14:10:21  
Unionists from local government organizations demonstrated particular theatricality and their march was preceded by a small jeep and three workers dressed in the military uniforms of the Third Reich.

live Angela Merkel arrived in Athens, the police began arresting

09 October 2012 / 13:10:17  
The German Chancellor's plane landed at Athens airport shortly before the scheduled time. Security measures are draconian. Police detained at least 30 people until 1 pm for security reasons.

Merkel raised the Athens Stock Exchange

09 October 2012 / 12:10:03  
So far, the turnover is just over 16 million euro and the main index is moving around 835 basis points. "We expect investors to remain calm until the German Chancellor’s statements," a stock analyst from Eurobank stated.