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Archive - Mar 2013

March 24th

Cyprus’s fate will be decided tonight

24 March 2013 / 16:03:28  
IMF insists that the Bank of Cyprus be split into a "good" bank and a "bad" bank, like Laiki Bank, as well as on a 20% cut in all deposits exceeding 100,000 euro

The police arrested two runaways from Trikala Prison

24 March 2013 / 12:03:48  
The other nine are still missing; recidivist Panagiotis Vlastos has planned a new escape

March 23rd

How Cypriot banks will work on Tuesday

23 March 2013 / 18:03:42  
Parliament voted the restructuring of Laiki Bank; the Governor of the Central Bank of Cyprus will acquire superpower over the movement of capital in the Cypriot banking system

Everyday life in Cyprus is changing

23 March 2013 / 18:03:34  
The young are determined to resist the pressure, the older, however, prefer cuts in deposits rather than a possible failure of the country

live Dangerous criminals have escaped from Trikala Prison

23 March 2013 / 12:03:04  
According to some media, five people have escaped, while others claim that there were 11; a major operation of the anti-terrorism forces is being carried out inside and around the prison, two policemen have been injured, but the injuries are non-life threatening

Golden Dawn protested outside the German Embassy in Athens

22 March 2013 / 22:03:52  
About 500 people chanted slogans against "communist Merkel," whom they blamed for the events in Cyprus.

March 22nd

Relics tell the story of the fight in 1821

22 March 2013 / 19:03:36  
If you are planning to visit Thessaloniki soon, you will have the opportunity to see the rare exhibition of relics from the period of the Greek liberation revolution in 1821.