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Archive - Mar 2013

March 17th

Deposits in branches of Cypriot banks in Greece will not be cut

17 March 2013 / 17:03:56  
A Greek bank, probably TT Hellenic Postbank, will take over the deposits from branches of Cypriot banks in Greece; Cypriots emptied ATMs in an attempt to rescue their savings

live The police raided the prison in Malandrinou

17 March 2013 / 15:03:40  
One of the hostages – a prison guard - managed to escape; Alket Rizaj is determined "to die or get out free"

Nazi salutes at the football field

17 March 2013 / 13:03:25  
AEK footballer George Katidis celebrated his goal against Veria, greeting the audience with his hand outstretched in a Nazi salute

live Alket Rizaj in a desperate attempt to escape from prison

17 March 2013 / 12:03:42  
The odyssey with the hostages at the prison of Malandriou has been ongoing for more than 10 hours; there, the notorious Albanian recidivist is holding six wardens and prisoners

live Alket Rizaj is holding hostages in the prison in Malandriou

16 March 2013 / 22:03:11  
The notorious recidivist has held three or four of his fellow inmates as hostages, together with two or three wardens in the prison, probably in a new attempt to escape.

March 16th

Clean Monday – on a picnic in the hills and woods of the city

16 March 2013 / 19:03:25  
On the day after the first Sunday before Lent, Greeks traditionally go out to eat, drink and fly a kite

How to find out why someone is trying to seduce us

16 March 2013 / 18:03:23  
When we are trying to appeal to someone, that does not necessarily mean sexual desire - the reason could be more prosaic ...