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Archive - Jul 25, 2013

The protests must continue, otherwise Oresharski will not leave

25 July 2013 / 23:07:23  
GRReporter has sought analyst Krassen Stanchev to comment on the latest developments. He is a Doctor of Philosophy, the founder and long-time chairman of the Institute for Market Economics. He defines himself as a seller of knowledge in the field of market economy and, over the years, he has significantly contributed towards the popularization of the principles of free economy in post-communist Bulgaria.

Government and opposition against Golden Dawn

25 July 2013 / 20:07:38  
Far-right party carried out its action despite the ban, but it was isolated in parliament by the other political forces.

Nobody wants to stop alcohol tourism because it is profitable

25 July 2013 / 17:07:04  
The issue is being widely discussed again since a British tourist was killed by at least one of his fellow countrymen in Malia in Crete.

The police are tired and demoralized, they want to leave their jobs

25 July 2013 / 01:07:49  
Several hours after the violent clashes between the protesters and police outside the parliament building, GRReporter talked with Nikolai Staikov from the Antigovernment press centre, a unique tool in the media war that is taking place in Bulgaria.