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Archive - 2013

December 30th

live Shooting in front of the residence of the German Ambassador in Athens

30 December 2013 / 16:12:33  
Shots were heard around 3.30 a.m. this morning; there are no casualties, the police are on full alert

December 29th

A triptych on Mount Pelion

29 December 2013 / 14:12:42  
Three known and traditional villages in the mountains ofthe Centaurs offer picturesque landscapes, diverse vegetation and good tourist infrastructure

Far West in the Athens district of Alimos

29 December 2013 / 14:12:49  
A famous businessman, car representative, has been attacked by two armed perpetrators in front of his shop

Members of the "Conspiracy of Fire Nuclei" have been arrested - they stand behind the sabotage against Coca-Cola in Greece

29 December 2013 / 14:12:02  
The "Green Nemesis" plan is associated with the "Phoenix" plan and the attacks against the director of the prison in Korydallos and former head of the anti-terrorism office

December 28th

Commissions played a major role in terms of armament, according to the apocalyptic evidence of Antonis Kantas

28 December 2013 / 19:12:27  
Kantas has nominated dozens of people, including a former prime minister, various ministers and a party leader who have been involved in secret deals and talked about 13 armament programmes

Unpaid taxes to be confiscated from bank accounts in less than a minute

28 December 2013 / 17:12:54  
The experimental programme will be implemented in four tax offices; debtors with amounts over 100,000 euro will be the first

December 27th

Bulgarians have caught up with Greeks in terms of smoking

27 December 2013 / 16:12:00  
It is difficult for smokers from the two Balkan countries to give up the bad habit.