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Archive - Dec 2014

December 30th

live Another report of a ship in distress northwest of Corfu

30 December 2014 / 14:12:51  
It is a cargo ship and the first assessments indicate that the 700 people on board are illegal immigrants.

New Year's Eve in Athens

30 December 2014 / 14:12:48  
Athens Municipality is inviting its residents and visitors to welcome together the New Year with a number of events that will begin on the eve of 2015.

Ten dead and dozens missing after the Norman Atlantic disaster

29 December 2014 / 22:12:14  
Serious discrepancies in the official information on the number of passengers on board the ferry, even more serious signs of disparaging of the situation by the crew and wrong decisions by the Italian authorities, who coordinated the rescue operation and were responsible for it.

December 29th

The Norman Atlantic had problems with its fire safety and lifesaving equipment, and was overloaded

29 December 2014 / 15:12:13  
As revealed by a document of the routine inspection of the vessel performed on 19 December by the port authorities in Patras.

live The victims of the Norman Atlantic disaster are already five

29 December 2014 / 14:12:12  
So far, there has been no information on the nationality of the victims, nor is it clear whether they were registered passengers or illegal immigrants who travelled on board the ferry without tickets.

live Greece is proceeding to early elections

29 December 2014 / 13:12:47  
The third attempt to elect a president has also failed. The elections will take place on 25 January or 1 February 2015.

Magna Grecia - from tarantella to funeral dirges in the lands forgotten by Christ

29 December 2014 / 13:12:53  
Zdravka Mihaylova talks with anthropologist Christina Petropoulou, one of the most prominent researchers of the Greek colonies in Italy, for GRReporter exclusive.