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Archive - Aug 14, 2014

Trade in life vests for immigrants in Izmir

14 August 2014 / 18:08:50  
The immigrants reside in the Basmane neighbourhood and try to go to Western Europe through Greece, the majority of them being from Iraq, Somalia and Syria.

Displacement of the Greek coastline

14 August 2014 / 17:08:38  
As shown by the geological and geomorphologic survey and mapping conducted by Associate Professor Niki Evelpidou from the Department of Geology and Environment of Athens University.

The Bulgarian army prevented the Lion of Amphipolis from being taken to England

14 August 2014 / 15:08:57  
In August 1916 British soldiers found the marble parts of the lion and tried to carry them to the sea in order to take them to England. Their attempt was interrupted by the Bulgarian army that had seized Pangaeo Mountain in the meantime and began to bomb the British soldiers