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Archive - Sep 2014

September 28th

Eating healthily at the weekend

28 September 2014 / 21:09:18  
Weekly fatigue makes many people ease off over the weekend and indulge in visits to restaurants, taverns, fast food outlets. Therefore, it is necessary to follow some simple rules

September 28th

Furnished villas - a hit among tourists

28 September 2014 / 17:09:03  
The most preferred island is Spetses; in September and October prices fall by 60%

Golden Dawn as ... al Qaeda

28 September 2014 / 16:09:07  
New shocking photos from the computers of party members from Nicaea reveal their military drill is reminiscent of Special Forces training.

September 27th

The lovely Greek villages

27 September 2014 / 19:09:17  
Greece may be known for its beaches and islands, but summer is now over, and mainland Greece with its beautiful picturesque villages and bright colours awaits us

Number of pregnancies in Greece reduced because of the economic crisis

27 September 2014 / 14:09:04  
The Ministry of Health launches a nationwide campaign to inform women and young people on the prevention of cervical and breast cancer and medical check-ups

The Troika will not accept any deviation from the objectives set out in the memorandum

27 September 2014 / 12:09:17  
Brussels insists on a minimum of 3% primary budget surplus for 2015; there will be tax relief only if the financial goals are met

September 26th

A woman buried alive in Thessaloniki, doctors deny

26 September 2014 / 19:09:27  
As forensic doctor Fotios Hadjinicolaou points out before APE-MPE news agency, the woman's body has been transported to the morgue and the autopsy will be completed today, in the late afternoon.