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25 March in Tsipras’ style

Despite the three days of mourning announced in Europe on occasion of the tragic air accident in France, the Greek flag was not lowered to half mast during the parade. The tragedy was also completely absent from the statements of President Prokopis Pavlopoulos, Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras and the other officials of the Greek state. The popular celebration was not cancelled and only the heavy rain thwarted it.

Photos: Anastasia Balezdrova

mihaela | 18:03 | 25 Mar 15

Greek Police Dogs Unit


mihaela | 16:01 | 30 Jan 15

A military band playing at Syntagma Square

The photos were provided by the Greek army’s General Staff.

ivan.petkov | 10:11 | 25 Nov 14

Night at the National Theatre

During the Night of Theatres in Sofia, the rear entrance of Ivan Vazov National Theatre was open to those visitors and spectators who want to be aware of what happens behind the scenes of theatre productions.
mihaela | 15:11 | 19 Nov 14

Amal Clooney in defence of the Parthenon

British lawyer Amal Alamuddin, who ten days ago adopted her husband George Clooney’s surname, arrived in Athens to explore the opportunities of undertaking the legal protection of the Greek side in the dispute with the British Museum for the return of the Parthenon Marbles. The beautiful lady arrived at Eleftherios Venizelos Airport with about an hour’s delay and travelled to Grande Bretagne hotel with a police escort. She was accompanied by fellow lawyers Geoffrey Robertson and Norman Palmer. Dressed in an ensemble in earth tone colours, Mrs. Clooney spared the time to talk to the large number of journalists who were waiting for her outside the hotel on Syntagma Square, "I am very happy to be in Greece, your invitation is an honour for me," she said.
mihaela | 10:10 | 14 Oct 14

Byzantine Istanbul

Istanbul is often called the "imperial city" because, for approximately sixteen centuries, it was twice the capital of two world empires, namely the Byzantine and the Ottoman. The ancient metropolis called Constantinople until 80 years ago was founded as the capital of the Roman Empire by Roman Emperor Constantine the Great in the year 330 and for centuries it was one of the most populous cities in Europe. In 1453, after Constantinople was under siege that lasted several days, Mehmed II was able to capture the city and proclaimed it capital of the Ottoman Empire.
mihaela | 12:09 | 08 Sep 14

Tinos, the Cycladic Islands

Tinos is one of the most popular Cycladic Islands. Some time ago we presented it in the documentary "Tinos in the Winter." Now we offer a summer stroll through the beautiful Cycladic island. Photos by Maria S. Topalova
mihaela | 11:08 | 26 Aug 14

The Tomb in Amphipolis

mihaela | 11:08 | 22 Aug 14

Conchita and Anna Vissi together on stage

Winner of the Eurovision Song Contest 2014 Conchita Wurst and one of the most popular Greek singers Anna Vissi performed together in Mykonos. Their concert took place at a beach bar and tickets cost between 100 euro for standing visitors and 450 euro per person for the tables near the stage.

Photos: Vassilis Vafidis

mihaela | 10:08 | 05 Aug 14